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RAM Lodge
York TIYork TIYork
Minerva 12 TIMinerva TI 12Hull
Scarborough 95Scarborough 95Whitby
Hull 182Hull 182Sutton
Middlesbrough 276Middlesbrough 276Middlesbrough
Ryedale 277Ryedale 277Malton
Howdenshire 743Howdenshire 743Howden
Alexandra 803Alexandra 803Hornsea
Allertonshire 845Allertonshire 845Thirsk
St Peter's 1008St Peter's 1008York
Trinity IC 1428Trinity IC 1428Driffield
The Ridings IC 1452The Ridings IC 1452Malton
The Beacon Centenary 1583The Beacon Centenary 1583Pocklington