Firstly can I thank you all for attending today and making this such a special occasion for me and the province.  The messages of support and congratulations I have received from you has been over whelming and very much appreciated. The work, however, starts from today and I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

My role as Provincial Grand Master has been made considerably easier by the strong foundations laid by the Past Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Eric Roy Gore-Browne. I personally would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to serve this Province first as an Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies then Assistant and latterly Deputy Provincial Grand Master.  I will always be indebted to  him and  I wish RW Bro Eric a happy and enjoyable retirement from office and I look forward to next year when I can welcome him back in to Provincial Grand Lodge.

To my Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters I do thank you both for agreeing to stay on in office and I look forward to working with you in the coming year.  In particular and on behalf of the entire Province can I sincerely thank W Bro Allan, who since the 21st  October last year has been the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge   Allan you have done a magnificent job and the whole Province owes you a debt of gratitude.  I will be relying heavily on your vast experience and I will be working closely with you and my Assistant in moving the Province forward.

My thanks and the Provinces gratitude also go to the Presiding Officer. RW Bro Frederick Arthur Smith.  Fred you are inspiration to us all, your ritual is flawless and the way you conduct yourself is a blue print for all of us to emulate. Thanks also go to V.W.Bro Frank Woolgrove for standing in as Deputy Presiding Officer.

 Brethren,  because of the constraints on our time this morning it’s not possible to welcome all our distinguished visitors and Heads of Orders by name but I do thank you all most sincerely for attending and hopefully you have had a good day so far and that will continue in to the afternoon, where I will welcome you officially. For those brethren who are not able to stay for this afternoon meeting I do apologise for not mentioning you this morning but I will in your absence this afternoon, please have a safe journey home.

Brethren, Some twenty years ago I received a phone call telling me to get ready I was going to a meeting, I found myself a member of the Provincial Social Committee, to go on to be the Secretary of that committee for three years, then Provincial Tyler, moving up to Assistant DC, then Assistant PGM.  One person was responsible for that meteoric rise, my great friend and mentor and Past Provincial Grand Secretary the late VW Bro Peter Love.  Peter thank you and I wish you were here today to share with me this very special moment, but somehow I think you are.  Brethren I think I can now smell the Yorkshire puddings burning so I will conclude by thanking you all again for your attendance, I hope you have a enjoyable lunch and I look forward to seeing you this afternoon.