The aim of the Travelling Keystone is to encourage visiting between Lodges in the Mark Province of North and East Yorkshire and it must always remain within the boundaries of the Province.

The Travelling Keystone was presented many years ago by RW Bro David Nelson, the then PGM of the Province of Somerset, to VW Bro Peter Donnison at the Minerva Lodge 12 TI in Hull.

Any WM may lead a raid into the Lodge of the current holder, providing he takes at least three members of his Lodge with him.  A successful trip means that the Travelling Keystone is taken that evening to its new Lodge until such time as it is claimed by another WM.  Check the rules to make sure of how to make your claim.

A key feature is the Lodge Attendance Record. Every member of the visiting Lodge must be signed in else the attempt to gain the Travelling Keystone might fail.

1) Rules  2) Claim the Keystone  3) Suggested Ritual

The Travelling Keystone will have its own passport and its whereabouts will be widely publicised throughout the Province.  Added to this will be a network of Keystone Representatives who will report in Lodge, at each meeting, its current location.

The main contact within the Province, for anything to do with the Travelling Keystone, is W Bro Gordon Dudley on

Date Worshipful Master Lodge Claimants
10/03/18 George Robert Smith Cleveland 1040 16
15/02/18 Paul Hillary Brough 1170 ?
23/11/17 Mark Andrew Richardson Humber 182 ?
05/05/17 Trevor Snowden Thesaurus 782 5
11/03/17 Lee Richardson Cleveland 1040 18
18/10/16 Geoffrey Eastburn Brough 1170 4
06/05/16 Ronald Williamson Alverton 845 8
12/03/16 Barry Richardson Cleveland 1040 16
18/02/16 Daniel Herbert Betts Minerva 12 TI 16
05/10/15 Stephen Cox Humber 182 10
19/06/15 Raymond Clark Middlesborough 274 4
01/05/15 Peter Armstrong Stokesley IM 1711 12
16/12/14 Allan Williams Cleveland 1040 11
08/12/14 David Ian Anderson Alverton 845 8
26/06/14 Michael Riley Cleveland 1040  12
08/04/14 John David Jennings The Victory 1588  7
05/02/14 Michael John Collinson Brough 1170 9
08/12/13 Timothy George Harris Minerva 12 TI  n/a